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DoD UID Initiative for Direct Part Marking (DPM)

Dapra M to V System
DPM for DoD UID implementation

Dapra offers the Dapra M to V System (shown above) to meet DPM (Direct Part Marking) requirements for DoD UID, Aerospace and Automotive implementation.

The Dapra M to V is a compact, versatile system utilizing user-friendly software that will mark and verify Data Matrix codes without repositioning the part to be identified. Using the Dapra M to V as part of your marking process will assure high read rates in your production or supply chain operations. It will also provide you with the verification statistics for each Data Matrix code marked and verified with the Dapra M to V.

Data Matrix, a machine-readable code, is a standard for implementation of permanent, direct part marking (DPM) and part tracking programs. It can be utilized throughout the part life cycle, which includes manufacturing, supply chain and in-service operations.

Many industries, such as Aerospace, Automotive and Electronics, have already implemented machine-readable technologies based around Data Matrx codes. Most recently, the demand for this technology has been driven by the DoD (Department of Defense) and their UID directive.

UID stands for “Unique Identification.” As defined by the DoD, "Unique IDentification is a set of data for tangible assets that is globally unique and unambiguous, ensures data integrity and data quality throughout life, and supports multi-faceted business applications and users."

DoD UID Initiative for Direct Part Marking (DPM)

Dapra Marking has been supplying DPM solutions for over 20 years. Initial marking requirements were for unique serial numbers and date codes to be permanently marked on the component for traceability throughout the life cycle of the component. With the introduction of the 2D Data Matrix code, substantial data can be stored and encoded within a smaller footprint than in the past. To accommodate the growth of 2D technology, Dapra has expanded its product offering to encompass custom-engineered and turnkey solutions for Dot Peen, Electrochemical, and Laser marking. These systems include appropriate verification and reading technology required to meet the standards of various industries, including DoD MIL-STD-130M.

Click here for more information on DAPRA's integrated and custom-engineered marking solutions.

Downloads and links to more information:

Dapra White Paper on Direct Part Mark Identification & Verification – 
Machine readable identification holds the key to manufacturing efficiency (PDF, 1.5mb)
AS 9132 –
Department of Defense Unique Identification (UID) Web site –
MIL-STD-130M –
UID 101 –
Uniquely Identifying Items (Ver. 1.5) –
AIM Global –
Universal Marking Table for DPM
Download PDF Download this Engineering Solution in PDF format (120K) Get Acrobat Reader
Universal marking table set up to mark on top of the part.
Universal table set up to mark on top of the part.
Problem: The need to mark Data Matrix codes (DoD UID format) and human-readable text on a wide variety of "round" parts. The parts have a wide variation in diameter, height and marking location, and must be able to be placed at any angle, from parallel to perpendicular to the table surface. The customer hoped to purchase a single, flexible marking solution.
Solution: DAPRA provided a marking solution utilizing a Dot Peen marking head mounted to a custom table with three (3) axes of motion: vertical, radial and angular. The marking head is mounted at the end of the radial arm and has the ability to adjust the angle of the head, plus or minus 90°. The radial arm, attached to a counter balance on the vertical post, moves in and out to accommodate the diameter of the part. The table has two (2) positive stops used to consistently locate the outside diameter of the part or to locate custom fixtures, if required. For lighter parts, a universal clamp is provided to accommodate parts up to 48" diameter, which can be located using a series of holes in the table. A laser pointer, attached to the stylus guide, helps the operator accurately position the required marking on the part surface.
Industry: Aerospace
Universal table set up to mark on an angled surface.
Universal table set up to mark on an angled surface.

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