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Dapra Marking Systems
A Division of Dapra Corporation
66 Granby Street
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Tel: 860-286-8728
Toll-Free: 800-442-MARK
Fax: 860-242-3017

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Direct Part Marking Products
 • Dot Peen Marking Machines
    » Flexible, Modular Direct Part Marking Systems
    » Single-Purpose, Standalone Direct Part Marking Systems
    » Integrated Marking Systems
 • DMwriter™ CNC Spindle Marking Tool (Indent Marking Tool)
 • Laser Marking Workstations

 • Digital Electrochemical Marking Systems

2D Data Matrix Products
 • Fixed-Station Data Matrix Code Readers/Verifiers
 • Hand-Held Data Matrix Code Readers

Integrated & Custom-Engineered Marking Solutions

DoD UID Initiative for Direct Part Marking (DPM)

Contract Marking

Marking Resources

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 • Directions to Our Facilities
 • Employment Opportunities

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