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Dapra Marking Systems
A Division of Dapra Corporation
66 Granby Street
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Tel: 860-286-8728
Toll-Free: 800-442-MARK
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Integrated Marking Solutions from DapraIntegrated Marking Solutions

DAPRA offers custom-engineered solutions for turnkey direct part marking

With more than 20 years of direct part marking experience, DAPRA Marking Systems understands that marking requirements and production processes are as unique as the end products themselves. Serving North American manufacturers across many industries, DAPRA Marking Systems relies on our extensive applications knowledge and proven expertise to help customers succeed with comprehensive, cost-effective direct part marking solutions.

In addition to supplying standalone computer-controlled dot peen marking machines and laser marking systems, DAPRA offers custom-engineered, complete turnkey systems for individual marking applications. For turnkey systems, DAPRA knows that the keys to your bottom line performance are:

Integrated Marking Solution
Custom Marking Solution
Industry: Automotive
Problem: Customer must identify pinions and ring gears so they can track the parts through the manufacturing process.
Solution: Dapra provided two complete marking solutions utilizing a 4" x 3" Dot Peen marking unit with Electronic Z axis and Autosense, complete with custom software for the controllers.
• Project Management
• Marking Platforms and Systems
• Applications Engineering
• Fixtures and Tooling Solutions
• Integration and Startup Services
• Training and Support

We have the capability to help you define your system requirements and offer recommendations on how to achieve higher performance at a lower cost and increase productivity.

DAPRA produced this custom direct part marking table to help an aerospace customer meet the DoD's UID directive.
DAPRA produced this custom direct part marking table to help an aerospace customer meet the DoD's UID directive.

We design and build custom-engineered solutions to specifically meet your needs, whether your project is small or large. Our custom-engineered solutions leverage advanced marking technologies with fixtures, material handling and integration into your production processes. This combination of technologies ensures that parts are properly presented to the maker and secured so that marking and cycle time requirements are met.

For 2D Data Matrix or UID implementations, DAPRA offers custom Mark to Verify Systems to deliver consistently high 2D symbol quality, thus assuring high read rates in your production or supply chain operations.

DAPRA offers custom software, ranging from Operator Graphical User Interfaces and control software to integration with your plant floor Manufacturing Execution Systems.

DAPRA also offers a wide variety of standard and modified accessories. These include rotary devices for marking round parts; scribe or drag attachments for solid line marking; deep marking attachments; and tag/label feeding attachments for marking on blank or preformatted tags.

DAPRA Marking is your single source for Turnkey Marking Solutions!

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