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Dapra Marking Systems
A Division of Dapra Corporation
66 Granby Street
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Tel: 860-286-8728
Toll-Free: 800-442-MARK
Fax: 860-242-3017

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Marking Systems:
Technomark M4 Inline Marking System – Inline part marking solution for production lines, automated loading stations and custom-engineered solutions, featuring integrated 16-bus card.
Technomark Multi 4 Modular Dot Peen Marking System – The first modular direct part marking solution to meet all industrial part identification and tracking needs. It is suitable for all part sizes and surfaces now with IDI software.
Laser Marking Systems
Maxim III Standalone Dot Peen Marking System Low-cost Dot Peen solution for the job shop or batch marking applications.
Maxim III USB Low-cost Dot Peen solution for low volume. Operated by a Windows-based PC.
HandHeld Portable Dot Peen Marking System – Ideal for taking the Dot Peen marking system to the part or work piece. Advanced, portable solution that is very user-friendly.
Multidot™ 3000 Dot Peen Part Marking Systems – 4x3 or 6x6 Dot Peen marking window; 2-, 3-, or 4-axis models available. Ideal for marking Data Matrix codes and for precision marking applications.
Portadot 130-30E Portable – Portable Dot Peen system is capable of marking deep marks.
DMwriter™ CNC Marking Tool – High-quality tool for marking parts in CNC-controlled machines.
Gravostar CNC Marking Tools
Digital Electrochemical Direct Part Marking System – Print on Demand system (PODS) offers all the benefits of electrochemical marking, plus the ability to mark variable information such as sequential serial numbers.
Cognex / DataMan – Corded or cordless reader for Data Matrix codes.
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