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Multidot™ 3000 Dot Peen Part Marking Systems

Download the 2068 Series II spec sheet Download the Multidot™ 3000 spec sheet in Adobe PDF format (235K) Get Acrobat Reader

Multidot 3000 Dot Peen Marking SystemFinancing now available on all Dapra Marking Systems Multidot™ 3000 Marking Systems are electrically controlled units that utilize a tungsten carbide stylus to cold-form dots (spherical recesses) with low-stress, accurate, compressive force.

Dot Peen is a highly readable marking method that can be used to permanently mark parts with alphanumerics, logos, symbols and Data Matrix codes on most materials.

Powerful, self-contained system that does not require a dedicated PC and is well-suited for industrial environments
Operates using 115VAC, 60 Hz, NO AIR REQUIRED
Straight, angular, circular, and radial marking capability to accommodate a variety of part shapes and sizes with quick changeover
Sealed membrane keyboard
Highly readable LCD screen
RS-232 ports for backup, barcode input and external communications
Heavy-duty construction for maximum rigidity
Regrindable carbide stylus with low-stress geometries
Jog function in multiple increments to facilitate setup
Layout preview
Automatic serialization
Trial run function to scan marking areas for correct location, without marking
Can mark material up to 65 Rc
Custom-engineered marking systems are also available.

Data Matrix code
Data Matrix codes
Data Matrix Codes (ECC 200)
Automatic time/date/shift coding
Automatic part counter
Multi-level password protection
Character aspect ratio adjustment
Digital I/O for setting inputs and outputs to external equipment
Maximum internal layout storage: 1350 layouts
Multiple marking speeds
Larger marking area
Programmable Z-axis
Autosense (automatic part sensing)
Rotary device
Dual solenoids
Bar code readers
Heavy-duty deep marking
Manual and automatic tag fixtures and feeding systems
Reading and verification systems for Data Matrix codes

Radial marking 5x7 dot matrix font
Radial marking (left); 5x7 dot matrix font (right)

Marking areas: 2" x 2", 4" x 3" or 6" x 6" heads available as standard
Character sizes: .006" to 3.0" in .006" increments
X/Y-axis resolution: .001"
Character fonts: 5x7 and 7x9 dot matrix, Varidot (continuous line)
Internal layout storage: 150 individual layouts, maximum
Power: 115VAC, 60 Hz
Languages: multiple
7x9 dot matrix font

7x9 dot matrix font

Diamond drag
Diamond drag

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