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Hand-Held Portable Dot Peen Marking System

Download the HandHeld spec sheet Download the PryorMark HandHeld spec sheet in Adobe PDF format (235K) Get Acrobat Reader

HandHeld PortadotFinancing now available on all Dapra Marking SystemsThe PryorMark HandHeld Portadot is a fully programmable Dot Peen system for use in all environments where bringing the marking device to the part is required. It is the best solution for accurately marking text, symbols, and Data Matrix codes on large parts or components that cannot be easily marked at a fixed station.

A robust, lightweight design allows this hand-held system to be used by anyone in a manufacturing environment. It is an ideal replacement for hand stamping and reduces marking-related injuries.

The HandHeld is your portable solution for direct part marking.

Self-contained system, no PC required
Lightweight, mobile units can be used right out of the box
Durable, high-quality components, ensuring low operating and maintenance costs
Regrindable carbide stylus for permanent part marking (up to 65 Rc) on a wide range of materials
Precise, electromechanical operation, no air required
Linear, angular, and circular (arced) marking formats
High-resolution LCD screen
Dual RS-232 serial ports
Digital I/O interface
Automatic serialization and variable data insertion
Time/date/shift codes
Part counters
Internal dot logo generator
Ability to import and mark HPGL graphics
Password protection
Trial run function to check the fit of marking data before marking
Layout preview of marking information on the
LCD screen
OPTIONS: (Available at additional cost)
Data Matrix encode software
Win2068 NIMUE, Windows™-based marking software
Custom locating fixtures and custom engineering
Custom software
Column, base, and adapter for using the HandHeld as a bench-mounted system
Industrial cart designed for holding the HandHeld system and transporting to various locations
Battery-powered operation

HandHeld V-plate adapter HandHeld flat locating pad
Flat locating pad (above right) allows for accurate marking on a wide range of materials. V-plate adapter (above left) provides for easy marking on round parts.

Complete system includes marking head with flat locating pad (as shown), controller with handle, marking head cable (9 ft.), keyboard (PS2 style), V-locating pad for round parts, and embedded operating system.

Marking window: 2.00"W x 1.00"H
Character size range: .040" to 1.00" (.008" increments)
Fonts: 5x7 and 7x9 dot matrix, 5x9 SEMI OCR dot matrix and Varidot (variable dot spacing for continuous line characters)
Memory: 1350 individual marking layouts, maximum
Power input: 110 VAC, 60 Hz; 240 VAC, 50 Hz available on request. No air source is required.
Stylus actuation: Electric solenoid
Net Weight:
Marking head/cable — 6 lbs.
Controller — 22 lbs.

Data Matrix marking sample

HandHeld dimensions

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